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Why do you need a lactation consultant?

Breastfeeding classes? Sore nipples? Slow weight gain? Support? Back to work?
No breastfeeding issue is too big or small. I am here to help you feel more comfortable with your baby.

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I work with breastfeeding families, providing exceptional consulting services that are customized to their needs.

Take a look at the services I offer and get in touch to obtain manageable solutions.


  • Breastfeeding Management

  • Prenatal Breastfeeding Information
    & trouble shooting

  • Tummy Time exercises & massage strokes

  • Exclusive Pumping
  • Individualized Back to Work Plans

  • Infant Massage Classes


  • Oral exams for baby

  • Pre & post baby weights

  • Assist with latch for you and baby

  • Increase/decrease breast milk supply

  • Assess pump flange fit

  • Referrals to pediatric laser dentistry
    & bodywork

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