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Peggy is the best!! I have seen other lactation consultants when my first son was a baby, and none of them were as knowledgeable and thorough as Peggy. I first visited her when my second son was a few days old because of a latch issue/wanted to stop using a nipple shield and because my baby wasn’t gaining weight. She is extremely thorough and precise. She weighed my son before a feeding, observed and assisted me during a feeding and weighed him afterwards to determine exactly how much he consumed during the feeding. She also examined his mouth for any potential latch issues and explained the best way to feed a bottle to the baby. Peggy made a plan with her recommendations and sent a copy of it to my pediatrician, too! She stayed in touch with me and has been so helpful any time I’ve had an issue or a question. My baby is 5 months old now (and I’m still successfully breastfeeding) and Peggy has helped with plugged ducts and low supply issues. I am so grateful I found Peggy and made an appointment with her!  Kelly T.

I met with Peggy when my 2-week-old daughter had her tongue/lip ties revised. She was excellent with my daughter and gave me peace of mind knowing our breastfeeding journey wasn’t over! 🙂 She is super kind and attentive to all my questions. To this day (8months after first visit), I can email her with any question, and she responds promptly and effectively 🙂 Peggy is the best! <3  Allison Y.

Peggy was wonderful, I wish I saw her sooner. By time I booked an appointment I was convinced nursing had gone downhill and doubtful we’d recover. Peggy was very calm and thorough, encouraging from the start. She really listened to me and addressed my concerns. She showed me aspects of my baby’s anatomy that could potentially be an issue and then did a weighed feed, offering corrections to my technique. She also helped me with pumping and was very patient with all of my questions and my initial disbelief that things were actually ok. I feel far calmer, and feedings are shorter now that I don’t drag them out thinking I’ll get the baby more milk, and the position she showed me helps the baby more efficiently feed too. My baby actually seems happier more often too, I assume because feedings are more comfortable her and I’m more relaxed in general, and when she is upset or cluster feeding, I can handle it better as I feel more confident. It’s amazing what some minor corrections and encouragement did. I highly recommend Peggy and will go back to her as needed.  Suzanne W.

Review left by Kristen Coppola
Peggy (Margaret) was a lifesaver! She cared about the perspectives of myself and my baby in terms of breastfeeding. Helped me physically get a better latch and gave me ointment suggestions! She never hesitated to communicate and give me feedback even in between sessions. Hugely recommended!!