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My Philosophy

  • I believe that I am your helper, not your boss.  I will try to remember that you are the expert on you, and your life, and I will not attempt to assume that role on your behalf.  I will aim to involve you, every step of the way, in the work that we do together, calling forth your opinions, wants, needs, and abilities regarding what we are working on.  I ask you to let me know if you ever feel me getting too far ahead of you, or it seems like I’m pulling, pushing, or persuading you to do what I might want you to do.  I ask you to correct me when I haven’t gotten it right. 

  • I will try to highlight the skills, traits, and strengths that you possess and that are available to you as you work at improving your life through our talks.  I will affirm all the positive characteristics that I see in you, and I will encourage you to do the same, especially when you overlook some of them yourself.

  • I care about and am guided by what is best for you, even when it’s hard for you to do that for yourself.  I will work to earn and deserve your trust by making sure that your needs are always at the heart of every conversation we have.  I will invest in and care about finding ways for you to get a good result – even if that means helping you connect with others better suited to help you.

(Adapted from Paul Burke’s I Promise)

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