Initial Lactation Consult

From: $82.50

Consult Length: 1 Hour 30 Minutes
Investment: $165.00
Booking Deposit: $82.50 (for Self-Pay, Aetna, IBX, or AmeriHealth)

You may now be able to get your Initial & Follow-up Lactation Consults paid for with BCBS PPO, including Horizon, & Cigna PPO insurances by registering & following directions @ You will then receive a phone call regarding your benefits & to schedule an appointment.

• The initial consult includes a comprehensive history & oral exam, assistance with latch, pre & post weights, lactation management guidelines, written care plan that is also sent to pediatrician, and referrals, if necessary.
• Please bring a hungry baby to the consult, but not a ravenous one, along with any tools you are using, such as nipple shields, pump, bottle supplements, etc.
• Please complete & submit the following forms. Links open in new tabs. (Demographic/Insurance, Maternal Intake, Baby’s Intake)
• Please read, print & sign the consent form to be either scanned & submitted or brought to your appointment. (Consent Form)
• Note that there will be an additional charge for twins or multiples due to the extended amount of time required.

The Initial & Follow-up Lactation Consults require only a 50% deposit to book. If you have Aetna, IBX or AmeriHealth insurances, this deposit will either be refunded or applied towards your cost sharing, depending on your plan, once the professional claim is processed. Otherwise, the balance will be paid in full at time of consult for self-pay.


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Prenatal Breastfeeding, Back To Work, Lactation