Pump Fitting & Bottle Basics Consult

From: $45.00

Consult Length: 1 Hour

• Is pumping uncomfortable for you, or worse, is it hurting you?  Do you know if your flanges are the best fit for YOUR breasts to optimize milk output?
• Book an appointment to try on various size flange size & brands to find the best fit, & then learn how to bottle feed, while protecting your breastfeeding relationship.
• Please bring to the appointment what you are currently using to pump with.
• Please read, print & sign the consent form to be either scanned & submitted or brought to your appointment. (Consent Form)

If you are in network with Aetna, IBX or Amerihealth, this cost will either be refunded or applied towards your cost sharing, depending on your plan, once payment is received from your insurance carrier.


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Prenatal Breastfeeding, Back To Work, Lactation