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How to get lactation help at minimal cost?

The cheapest way to get breastfeeding help is through the internet, but you need to be careful.  Check out whether the source of the information is really looking out for your benefit or theirs.  Seriously, why would formula companies want you to be successful breastfeeding & hurt their bottom line?  Some reputable sources include:

Attending support groups in-person or virtually is an awesome way to get information for not only breastfeeding but just about everything concerning parenting.  Some of these mamas should be professionals themselves!  Our local “in-person” group is La Leche League – Glassboro, run by Pat Young, RN, APN, IBCLC, and attended by other IBCLCs (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) & breastfeeding counselors, so there is a lot of expert advice to go around.  During this Coronavirus environment, we are currently meeting virtually via Google Meets.  Just reach out to me if interested in attending, so I can invite you to the group!  Facebook virtual groups include LLLI Breastfeeding Support & Sweet Drop Café via Facebook, with thousands of members, so someone somewhere is sure to have experienced what you are experiencing!

You may be tempted to ask your pediatrician or obstetrician for breastfeeding information, but these professionals are not necessarily IBCLCs, who are considered the experts.  But you can see a lactation consultant for zero to minimal cost if one is in network with your insurance company.  Shout out to Aetna, Amerihealth, IBX (Blue Cross), who make this possible!  Under Obamacare, you are supposed to be able to see a lactation consultant at no cost, but for out of network lactation consultants, you would pay up front & receive a superbill from the IBCLC, for you to submit with your insurance claim.  However, the insurance company may not refund you 100%.

There is plenty of help to go around – you just need to know where to look.  If you are pregnant, check out these resources ahead of time to have your village ready for when the time comes!